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Eat Clean.

Move Often.

Find Balance.



So happy you are here! I'm Sonia, a Certified Culinary Nutritionist & Fitness Coach as well as a Wellness Cooking Instructor.  I am an educator and advocate for whole foods, wellness, fitness, and family! I help clients pivot their mindset to celebrate what the body can do in and out of the kitchen using real foods, functional moves AND a pinch of naughty yet nutritious sweetness that CAN transform their health.  I'm all about taking a food vice and making it naturally nice (with a few extra squats added in). 


I founded Beets & Biscotti to encourage the use of nutrient dense ingredients that fuel and heal the body holistically, without sacrificing taste (and it usually includes a pinch of dark chocolate and a smidgen of fun).  As an added bonus (coming soon!)...I will be offering "Clean bakes" products.  A line of “gnawty by nature” sweet treats that were developed with health in mind and taste at heart. They are better for you, without the junk, and are free of gluten, diary, and guilt!  You’ll find some grain-free and vegan options too. 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, [train well], if one has not dined well”

Virginia Woolf, ‘A Room of One's Own’

That sums up my straightforward approach towards healthy eating and living. I believe that getting healthy starts in the kitchen and it all balances out with getting fit by moving your body and treating it as your temple.  Food shouldn’t hurt you and physical training should be inviting. We should strive to eat clean, move often, find balance, and always leave room for a little ‘dark’ chocolate!


I am driven to share my knowledge, experience and love of healthy living through whole foods, my Clean Bakes line, essential oils, and achievable fitness goals with you!

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 Let’s celebrate what the body can do together!


  • Get Badass Healthy in the Kitchen with Allergy-Friendly Cooking Workshops (Private one-on-one, Group In-Home Sessions, Special Occasions and Corporate Team Building Workshops Available) 

  • Private Group & Corporate Wellness Healthy Transformation Programs

  • Clean Slate Virtual Wellness Program that includes  Lifestyle Modifications (Virtual Personal Training & Group Fitness Classes)

  • Healthy Habits (allergy-friendly) Meal Planning 

  • Essential Oils 101 Workshops 

  • Clean Bakes (coming soon!) - Health Supportive Baked Products (Organic, Gluten, Dairy, Soy & Refined Sugar-free with some grain and nut-free, Vegan options as well. 


Clean Bakes

"Taking a vice and making it naturally nice".


Artisanally made sweet treats developed with health in mind and taste at heart. Gluten, dairy, soy, & refined sugar-free, loaded with nourishing real good stuff. 


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