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Meet Sonia

My Story

I founded Beets & Biscotti to channel my knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy living.  More importantly, at Beets & Biscotti we inspire and teach others to use natural and unprocessed ingredients to get healthy in the kitchen and have fun with functional routines so that you enjoy getting fit. Having struggled with weight and thyroid issues, I’ve used food, fitness and wellness routines to help overcome my challenges, mindset and have first-hand experience with honoring the body “nutritiously”. 


Reinventing myself after being a SAHM for the past 15 years has been hard work, very exciting and rewarding!  But it is a process. Now that I've gone through it, I want to help you on your own journey!  With new proven fitness, nutrition and wellness knowledge to share, I want to spread "attainable" wellness. Having transformed my lifestyle 10 years ago, I know the struggle is REAL!  My body has been "under construction" since I was a teenager. Way back in my day 'waif' was 'in' and so I lived the majority of my teens and early 20's striving for that Vogue cover look, "then came love, then came marriage..." and you know how the rest of that saying goes. At 40, I was feeling the cumulative effects of sleepless baby nights, baby group banana breads :^) (which I've upgraded by the way!) and hypothyroid burn out.  Taking my health into my hands, I decided to seek what my body needed, a solid nutritional strategy coupled with a consistent fitness routine and surrounding myself with like-minded women because let's face it, it's contagious!

Through this I found my calling, lost 25 lbs and a considerable amount of body fat.  I was stronger, fitter and felt better than ever driving me to pursue a professional certification in culinary nutrition and wellness cooking instruction with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to gain a deeper knowledge of the healing properties of food, the importance of eating real food, meal planning, recipe creating, and reducing the toxic load in our life to achieve optimal health.  Additionally, I have the tools to be able to support and inspire others who had, and have, similar struggles to build healthy sustainable habits for life.  In my own journey, I set goals, some of which I didn't think I could ever accomplish--a sprint triathlon, half-marathon and marathon (in Rome!!!)--ALL in my 40's! Did I come in first, NO! Did I finish, HECK YES! Did my body recover, yes it sure did and I contribute that to having the knowledge to nourish and fuel it with foods that love your body back. 

Discovering the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and being awarded the “Share the Wisdom” scholarship for my wellness related charity work with a non-profit organization in Bermuda--AOK Fitness Fundraising, and our commitment to Haiti Village Health--teaching group fitness classes, running successful fitness and wellness challenges. My kitchen and life are forever changed with this invaluable knowledge from answering that call.

Now back in the US, with two healthy, thriving teens, a supportive hubby and puppy in tow, I have also added another 200 hr level professional fitness and nutrition coaching certification with the well-rounded program at Fit Chicks Academy  to the mix.  This has further expanded my wellness toolbox in personal training, group fitness program design, sports nutrition to complete the wellness package I will be offering to my clients.

My Mission 

What I strive to achieve with my clients is balanced by using healthy habits and routines in the kitchen and in the gym that work for their individuality.  A healthy lifestyle is not about depriving yourself of the things you crave and always love. It’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge of what makes your body tick & feel good.


My rule of thumb that allows us to enjoy treats with a measure of self-respect is the 80/20 rule but with an upgrade. We can honor ourselves with 80% being less indulgent and 20% being a little naughtier but still nutritious. I'm all about taking a food vice and making it naturally nice! Swapping out the bad & ugly ingredients for the better-for-you ones along with adding a few functional moves to live your best life well. 


From Scratch 2020 Charity Cookbook for a Cause - Academy of Culinary Nutrition - Protein-Plus Cannellini Bean Dip


Fab Finds Feature by Lori Talbot

From Scratch 2015 Charity Cook Book for a Cause - Academy of Culinary Nutrition - Chocolate Wonder Balls Recipe

A Good Fit For the Community - Royal Gazette News, Bermuda 

Rave Reviews


Sonia is an exceptional cook, baker and fitness instructor! Her treats, made from scratch, contain nutritional ingredients and ALWAYS taste soooo yummy! I’m constantly amazed at how she can re-create so many recipes to be gluten-free, dairy-free and nutritionally balanced! Order her banana bread or chocolate superfood wonderballs or orange bites for a sweet treat with a boost of energy. You’ll thank me later. Her fitness classes are so much fun! She adds variety to the classes and always incorporates multiple muscle groups. Her perfect combination of diverse training methods are challenging yet achievable. I always feel like a million bucks after finishing her workouts. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and inspiring! I can go on and on...Sonia is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She works with the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically. Clarice B. OnLine class member 

I loved working with Sonia; very approachable and knowledgeable. She was attentive and listened to my needs and concerns.  We discussed my current regimen and also current supplements. She listened and considered all of my complaints and explanations before making recommendations. Her plan was very individualized focusing on the right type of food that will address/alleviate my symptoms. Recipes and meal plans were provided; she went above and beyond for me. Her approach is a holistic one, ensuring that my emotional health was also balanced. The recommended plan that she put me on goes hand in hand with recommendations from my naturopath. I will definitely continue to see Sonia and recommend family and friends. She is just awesome!

Funmi L., Princeton, NJ 


Sonia put together a detailed meal plan for me, which is exactly what I needed.  Having healthy breakfast choices had been a challenge for me. She provided great explanation of products I was unfamiliar with.  My favorite recipes include Zucchini Fritters, Mini Frittata Muffins and Chia Berry Pudding. 

Patricia, S., Westfield, NJ 

Sonia’s approach to health and nutrition is thoughtful, balanced, reasonable and based in reality. She knows very well that as busy working moms we can’t spend hours in the kitchen, we can not and should not live in a state of miserable deprivation and life is that much sweeter with a good cup of tea and one of her “taking a vice and making it nice” baked goodies. In a world full of wellness smoke and mirrors, she is a beacon of well informed and highly educated hope. 

Maria M. Life Coach, BA, MA. NY,  

I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the recipes from the meal plan.  I made the yummy and filling. They are in the freezer and it is my grab and go breakfast....literally, I eat it in the car driving to school.Sonia, this muffin recipe you created is a huge hit! I must admit, looking at the ingredients gave me pause, but as I was doing it turns out it wasn't that tricky at all. A must try! I made the crackers and they were really yummy and satisfying, my daughter had some for breakfast and snack! The frittatas won't  last long in my house, I ate 2 without realizing....ok maybe 3...didn't realize!! Thanks for sharing them! 

Jodi B., Trained chef, Bermuda 

This week I had received the best compliment from my Endocrinologist and Dietitian in \ the 14 years that I had been dealing with diabetes. My sugar levels are looking great and my meal plan (based on AoK's wellness challenge and Sonia's nutritional tips) were found to be excellent. The Dietitian was impressed on how healthy I was eating and how much I was exercising. 

Wendra C.,Wellness Challenge Participant, Bermuda 

Sonia, your nutritional guidance over the course of this last challenge has been amazing. For those who know me, cooking is my true passion, and I am really enjoying the challenge of making wholesome, nutritious and healthy food that tastes awesome! 

Katie B., Resolution:Reboot Wellness Challenge Participant, Bermuda

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